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Boltaflex Colorguard Contract Vinyl

Boltaflex Colorguard Contract Vinyl
ColorGuard is part of the Boltaflex Contract Vinyl Line. Boltaflex is a unique collection of contract vinyl for furniture, hospitality, healthcare, restaurant, office seating, marine, and general purpose upholstery applications.


ColorGuard is ideal for all contract upholstery applications where a luxurious appearance needs to be combined with the highest technical specifications.

Boltaflex ColorGuard has been coated with PreFixx protective finish; designed to be cleaned easily, over and over, without showing signs of wear. With PreFixx protection, it is possible to remove stains that could never be removed before.

Now, with test proven stain resistance, PreFixx-protected Boltaflex vinyls protect you from high maintenance costs and from frequent upholstery costs.

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