How To Prepare For Color Coat

A quality job starts with proper cleaning and surface preparation. All SEM Prep materials are formulated to gravitate into the pores of the substrate, float contaminants to the surface and remain wet long enough to be wiped clean. Lacquer thinner, acetone, alcohol and similiar solvents are generally not acceptable cleaners due to their rapid rate of evaporation as well as the risk of chemical reaction with and absorption into many types of substrates.

You can view detailed instructions on SEM's website: padSEM Products Instructions pad

FOR INTERIOR PLASTICS: Clean with Sem Soap and Sem Plastic Prep. To promote adhesion on ABS, PVC and other similiar plastics, apply a medium wet coat coat of Sem Sand Free, or SEM Plastic Adhesion Promoter. When Sem Sand Free is used, the first application of Sem Color Coat should be applied while the surface is still wet. As the Sem Sand Free evaporates, the Sem Color Coat is drawn into the surface creating excellent adhesion.

Caution: Too much top coat on the Sem Sand Free can cause sagging. Once the bond coat is dry, usually one light coat followed by one full wet coat of Sem Color Coat is sufficient.

FOR VINYLS: Clean thoroughly with Sem Vinyl Prep using a clean, lint free towel and wiping in one direction. Sem Vinyl Prep cleans soil, wax and grease from all vinyl substrates while preparing the surface for excellent Sem Color Coat adhesion.

FOR LEATHER: Clean first with Sem Plastic/Leather Prep. Scuff the leather with a clean, gray scuff pad or 400-600 grit sandpaper and clean again with Sem Plastic/Leather Prep.

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