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Osborne Magnetic Nylon Tip Hammer

Osborne Magnetic Nylon Tip Hammer

Item #: Osborne_Nylon_Tip_Hammer_No_36
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$75.99 /ea.

Product Description

This highest quality Osborne hammer has a nylon tip for hammering decorative nails and tacks.
The nylon tip won't damage the surface of your decorative/ornamental nails - this is a must-have tool for a beautiful finishing job.
Features a powerful steel magnetized tip for easy pick up of decorative nails

Use with Osborne's ingeniously designed Quick Nailer spacing tool for even spacing and installation of decorative nails

Osborne Nylon Tip Hammer:
  • Quality backed by Osborne, the leading manufacturer of upholstery tools since 1826
  • Head made of solid bronze
  • Shellacked hardwood handle
  • Large nylon tip face is diameter for hammering decorative/ornamental nails without marring surface
  • Opposite side has powerful, steel, permanent alnico magnetized tip to easily pick up/hold ornamental nails
  • Double-headed hammer is slightly curved and equally balanced
  • Lightweight head only 7 ozs
  • Head length - 5"
  • Large hammer tip diameter - "
  • Magnetized tip face diameter - "
  • Designed/styled for working in deep corners without marring the wood or damaging the fabric
  • Side of the head is excellent when used to flatten padding stuffing and smoothing covers into proper shape
  • Made from the highest quality materials to last years and years


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