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Sonoma Solid and Perforated Faux Leather

Sonoma Solid and Perforated Faux Leather
Sonoma Faux Leather upholstery is the most accurate simulation of real leather for any vinyl that we have seen. It is very hard to tell the difference because the face and the back of this vinyl looks like leather. And you can order leather to match this vinyl if you want to put leather on the prominent areas of a seat, and vinyl on the sides and back. The vinyl and leather both come in solid material, perforated MB-4material and mini perforated S2000 material. You just won’t believe how nice this material is. The images of this material do not do this material justice. The grain is not as pronounced as it appears in the images. We tried to photograph it in a way to show the true look, but we were not able to do it. It appears smoother in person, and really looks like fine leather. The back of the material is a polyester suede, but it looks just like suede leather. So, the front and back look like leather. If someone sees a piece of it, and doesn’t know, they think it is real leather. And it is colored for Hot Rods, Street Rods, Trucks and SUVs, but it can be used for any automotive or indoor application you have. It is really nice!

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