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Tablecloth Vinyl (Oilcloth)

Tablecloth Vinyl (Oilcloth)
Our premium vinyl tablecloth is a very durable product that has a 100% vinyl face and a poly cotton scrim backing. It is printed in vibrant colors that are very stable. The print on this tablecloth is protected by a clear film over the top of it to make sure the print will not be worn off with cleaning. The backing on this tablecloth is very stable and is easy to keep clean, unlike the non woven fuzzy backing on many tablecloth products that becomes worn and dirty and is hard to clean. It is 54 inches wide, making it suitable to cover a 48 inch wide table with some material for overhang.

This material is also used to make a lot of other products such as handbags, totebags, placemats, cabinet liners, shelf liners, and much much more.

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