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"High-Spec"  4oz. B69 Thread Rose

"High-Spec" 4oz. B69 Thread Rose

Item #: B69-774Q-Rose-4oz--
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Product Description

Rose "High-Spec" thread, made of bonded Dupont Nylon. Manufactured by the Quality Thread & Notions Co. at their Q-1 (Ford) rated mill in the USA. This thread meets all specifications for automotive, furniture, and industrial applications. Can be used for general purpose upholstery, slipcovers, upholstered furniture, leather or vinyl items such as luggage, and automobile vinyl upholstery. Not recommended for outdoor applications. This is a B69 size thread,bonded & lubed, with a left twist. Available in 4 oz. spools.

SPECS: Govt. size E, 3 Plies, 11.0 lbs. Tensile strength. 22% Elongation, 6,000 yards per lb.


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