Perforated Automotive Vinyl Headliner

Perforated Automotive Vinyl HeadlinerPerforated Vinyl Automotive Headlining


Laminated with a 1/8" foam backing. For use in trucks, cars, and RV's. Specs:
  • Width: 54" Wide
  • Heavy duty, high density 1/8" foam backing.
  • Meets MVSS-302 for fire retardancy.
  • A Quantity Order Of 1 = 1 YARD Of Material In Length
  • A Quantity Order Of 2 = 2 YARDS Of Material In Length
  • A Quantity Order Of 3 = 3 YARDS Of Material In Length
  • A Quantity Order Of 4 = 4 YARDS Of Material In Length
  • Etc....
Black Vinyl Perforated Headliner Black Vinyl Perforated Headliner
Wholesale Price: $59.95
Off White Perforated HeadlinerOff White Perforated Headliner
Wholesale Price: $59.95
Blue Perforated HeadlinerBlue Perforated Headliner
Wholesale Price: $59.95
Brown Perforated HeadlinerBrown Perforated Headliner
Wholesale Price: $59.95
Buckskin Perforated HeadlinerBuckskin Perforated Headliner
Wholesale Price: $59.95
Red Perforated HeadlinerRed Perforated Headliner
Wholesale Price: $59.95

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