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Loaded (FIRM) Density Foam Half Sheets 26"x82"

Loaded (FIRM) Density Foam Half Sheets 26"x82"
Loaded (FIRM) Density foam has a compression rate of 60lbs and a density of 1.5

Loaded Density foam is what is recommended for use when you need a firmer foam that will not compress easily.

You can use this type of foam for furniture cushions, boat cushions, foam mattresses, etc...

These are full size sheets of foam. They are 26" Wide and 82" long. In order to ship these sheets, they must be rolled up. It is reccommended that when you receive your foam, you unroll it and let it regain its shape before using.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large size of foam once it is rolled up to be shipped, we HAVE to vacuum all foam rubber sheets down. The Foam will NOT be it's original size once you open your package....PLEASE open our foam IMMEDIATELY and allow 2-3 days for the foam to "recover" to it's full width.

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