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Thermozite Heat Shield Carpet Padding

Thermozite Heat Shield Carpet Padding

Item #: thermozite
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Product Description

Thermozite is a thermal/acoustic insulation composite that can be used for many applications.


Made with polyester fiber and not floor sweepings as many other sound insulation products are made. It has a laminated scrim reinforced foil on one side and jute carpet padding exposed on the other side. The tough aluminum foil provides a radiant heat shield which can increase R Value (Thermal Resistance) up to a factor of four, depending on the distance from the heat source.

  • Width: 48" Wide.
  • Thickness: 1/4" Inch Thick.
  • Superior Sound Deflector.
  • Excellent Heat Barrier.
  • Minimizes Vibration
  • Durable, Cost Efective Solution.
  • Can Be Cut With Scissors Or A Kinfe.
  • Can Be Handled Without Gloves.
  • Contains No Irritants Or Carcinogens.
  • Lightweight And Drapable.
  • Passes FMVSS 302.

Performance Specifications:
  • Themal Conductivity (K): 0.280
  • Thermal Resistance (R): 1.3
  • Noise Reduction Co-efficient (Hz): 0.30
Suitable Applications:
  • Mass transit vehicles
  • Engine Hutch Covers
  • RV's
  • Trucks
  • Door Panels
  • Interior Fire Walls
  • Hot Rods
  • Machinery Enclosures
  • Boats and Water Sport Vehicles
  • Etc...

  • Install the foil side DOWN, when used in the floor of a vehicle.
  • Install the foil side UP, when used in a headliner application of a vehicle.

Price is by the running yard, so when purchasing, please remember to type the number of yards you need into the quantity box and click ADD TO CART.


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