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Eddy Heat Gun Model # EP-5UL

Eddy Heat Gun Model # EP-5UL

Item #: EP-5UL
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$115.45 /ea.

Product Description

Eddy Heat Gun: Model EP-5UL

Safe, Instant Electric Heat. Ideal for shrinking, drying, softening, thawing, and curing.

These heat guns have established impressive records for rugged performance through prolonged motor brush and element life in both intermittent and continuous duty applications.

Applications Include:
  • Shrinking Tubing and Plastics
  • Softening and Molding Plastics
  • Curing and Drying Epoxy
  • Drying and Preheating Materials
  • Bonding Vinyls
  • Drying Parts after Washing Softening Floor Tile
  • Thawing Frozen Pipes
  • Removing Paint
  • Loosening Rusted Bolts
  • Welding Plastics
  • And Many More . . .
  • Weighs only 2-3/4 lbs, including stand for ease of handling.
  • Brushes are easily replaced and extend the life of the gun.
  • Housing, handle, safety stand and trigger guard constructed of Lexan® for insulation properties and impact resistance.
  • Unique suspended quick change heating element.
  • Adjustable air intake regulator for temperature variation l
  • Double-jacketed nozzle & shield to maintain cool exterior
  • Toggle control switch for “hot — cold — off” operation
  • Nozzle air opening — 13/16" diameter
  • 50/60 cycle — AC motor
  • 6-foot three-wire grounding-type strain relief cord
  • 115 Volt UL approved.
  • Temperature: 500° - 750°
  • Watts: 1440
  • Amp: 12
  • Delivers Superior Air Flow: 27 C.F.M air volume at 3300 F.P.M velocity


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