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3/4" Hog Ring Clips - By The Pound

3/4" Hog Ring Clips - By The Pound

Item #: HogRingClips-PER-lb
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$3.78 /lb.

Product Description

SquuZ-Klip Hog Ring Clips

Used in many industries and in a wide variety of applications, including automotive upholstery, wire cages, fencing, domestic upholstery, lobster and crab traps, gardening, floral arrangements, netting, insulation blankets, etc...

Just about any fastening problem dealing with wire, fabric, fence mesh, rope or cord can be solved with Squeez-Klip brand hog ring clips.

  • Model # X7 - Pre-bent
  • 3/4" Crown (19mm)
  • Opening: 1/2" (12.5mm)
  • Closed I.D. 5/16"-3/8" (8-9.5mm)
  • Use with our Hog Ring Pliers to attach automotive seat covers to the frame.


Approximately 450 clips per pound


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