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Addition of Nylon Velvets

Addition of Nylon Velvets
Addition Of Classic Nylon Velvet, Crushed Velvet, And Swirl Velvet Posted by Fred Chappell on Jun 22nd 2017

We have added-Classic Nylon Velvet,Crushed Velvet, and-Swirl Velvet to our product line. We had Nylon Velvet and Crushed Velvet (Stardust) in our line for years, but our supplier went out of business. It took us some time to find another supplier, but we have done it!

The plain solid Classic Nylon Velvet was popular for years for residential upholstery, case liners, poker tables, automotive upholstery, and more. Our new line is more durable and comes in the basic colors you need.

The Crushed Velvet line is like our old Stardust. The old stardust was down to only two or three colors at the end, but this new line has several colors. Several of you have been asking for this and we finally have it.

Our new addition to the line this time is the Swirl pattern. We never carried it before, but we would special order it for some of you. We have decided to carry it as a stock item

All of this material is a soft durable pile fabric that is not only easy to sew, but also simple to clean and maintain. As I mentioned above, this fabric is used in a variety of applications including upholstery, automotive interiors, lining for music cases, jewelry packaging and cases, displays, apparel, and more. You can see all of these products here.

Here are the material specs:

Width: 54" Inches Wide 100% Nylon Face Weight: 7.2 oz/sq. yd. 65% Polyester & 35% Cotton Backing Abrasion: ASTM D4157-02 50,000 Double Rubs Breaking Strength: ASTM D5034-95 >50 lbs Seam Slippage: ASTM D4034 >25 lbs Does not pill Color Fastness: AATC 16 100 hours Flammability: Cal 117 Class 1 Pass UFAC Class 1 Pass NFPA 260 Class 1 Pass FMVSS 302 Pass Suitable for automotive seats, door panels, etc... Also suitable for residential applications. Heavy stains will need a mild detergent and warm water. Classic Velvet is machine washable.

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