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1/4" Thick VTP Volara Sculpting Foam OUT OF STOCK

1/4" Thick VTP Volara Sculpting Foam OUT OF STOCK

Item #: 2-A-VTP-Top-Pad
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$18.96 /yd
Out of Stock

Product Description

This is 1/4" Inch Thick VTP (Volara Equivalent) 2-A "Closed Cell" Foam, meaning that no water can pass through it. It is a flexible closed-cell polyethylene foam which is crosslinked by means of a unique electron irradiation process. It is manufactured as a continuous smooth sheet with small cells.

Also known as: Top Pad, Landau Foam, Vinyl Top Pad, etc...

Applications Include:
  • Making Raised Designs Beneath Fabric & Vinyl.
  • Padding Underneath Automotive Vinyl Top Applications.
  • Padding For Poker Tables.
  • Volara Type AFR
  • Density: 2
  • 60" Inches Wide
  • 1/4" Inch Thick
  • High Resiliency
  • Smooth Surface
  • Low Compression Set
  • 100% Recovery Rate
  • Water Repellant
  • Fire-Retardant
  • Non Toxic: Contains No CFC, HCFC, or Hydrocarbon Blowing Agents

You then cover the foam with your material of choice (cloth, tweed, leather, etc...) to create the desired effect. Example: Rasied Flames or Lettering on door panels, headliners, kick panels, etc...


Note: All fabrics are sold in continuous lengths. For Example: if you order 5 yards of a fabric that is sold as: 'Sold By The Yard. One Yard = 54" wide X 36" long' You Will receive ONE piece of fabric, 54" wide by 180" long. NOT 5 pieces of fabric, 54" wide X 36" long. And so on.

Price is by the running yard, so when purchasing, please remember to type the number of yards you need into the quantity box (from the shopping cart) and click Update Quantities.


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