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Key West Hidem Welt

Key West Hidem Welt
Hidem Welt aka Hydem Welt is used to hide the staples underneath your boat seats and other projects.
Matching Key West solid color vinyl fabrics in 54" width are also available for purchase. While the fabric colors are scanned, the welt colors are photographed samples. These are exact color matches to the Key West Vinyl fabrics of the same color names.

3/4" Wide. Pull the welt apart, staple through the welt and material into the bottom of the seat, and your staples will be hidden from view.

Sold By The Yard.
NOTE: Full Rolls Are 50 Yards Per Roll

NOTE: Hidem Welt is sold in one yard increments.
If you order Quantity of 1, you will receive 1 yard.
Quantity of 2, you will receive 2 full yards.
Quantity of 3, you will receive 3 full yards.

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