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1 Gallon Lokweld High Temperature Contact Cement

1 Gallon Lokweld High Temperature Contact Cement

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Product Description



CAUTION! This product is flammable and any spark can cause an explosion or fire! Read back panel carefully for cautions! Use only in well ventilated area!

SOLD IN: 1 Gallon Cans

Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of flammable products by air. They CANNOT be shipped by Next Day, 2nd Day, 3 Day or US MAIL services. These items can ONLY shipped by UPS Ground.

This item can only be shipped within the USA and cannot be shipped Internationally.

The ideal contact cement for automotive interior applications. Its high heat resistance is well suited for adhering headliners, fabric, and many other materials during automobile refurbishment. Easy to apply with hot or cold spray equipment.

Lokweld High Temperature Solvent Type Spray Grade Contact Cement is a sprayable contact adhesive especially developed to meet the requirements of the automobile refurbishment after market business. This adhesive has excellent application properties and forms a high strength, high heat resistant bond that is resistant to water, many household chemicals and the effects of aging.

Suggested Uses:
    This adhesive may be used to bond cloth, leather, laminates, wood veneers, upholstery, carpeting, headliners and many similar materials, to metal, rigid polyurethane foam, and fiberboard in automobile restoration and customizing.

Performance Characteristics:
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Bond strenght increases with age
  • Resists water and many household chemicals
  • Up to 2 hours open time
  • Approximately 200 sq. ft. coverage
  • Over dried adhesive may be reactivated by applying another thin coat of adhesive
  • Shelf Life: 12 months minimum at 70F
  • Use as supplied, DO NOT THIN

  • Contact adhesive is not suitable for structural applications.
  • May damage some plastics, test before use
  • Do not use on copper, copper alloys, some vinyls or polystyrene foam.
  • Let adhesive assemblies cure for at least 72 hours before exposing to direct sunlight or temperature over 150F.
  • Adhesive may gel if stored at low temperatures, but returns to normal viscosity at 70F (21C).

Surface Preparation:
    Surfaces to be bonded must be clean and dry, adhesive, and air temperature and surfaces should be at least 65F (18C).

    Fluid pressure should be 15 to 25 psi. Atomization air pressure should be 70 to 90 psi (80 to 100 psi for HVLP). Use a standard or hot spray system to apply an even coat to both surfaces. Direct spray perpendicular to the plane of the substrate from approximately 10 to 12 inches away. 80% coverage forms an effective bond. 100% coverage is recommended at the edges. Allow both coated surfaces to dry before bonding (approximately 2 to 3 minutes when hot sprayed and 5 to 10 minutes if conventional spray is used). When dry, the adhesive will adhere to but not transfer to kraft paper pressed onto the adhesive surface. Sufficient coverage is indicated by a glossy appearance. Two coats may be necessary for porous substrates. Index both pieces accurately. Contact adhesives bond instantly on contact and work cannot be shifted into place. Apply pressure with a pinch roller or rotary press (a minimum of 40 psi is suggested) with a pinch roller or rotary press. If not available, a 3 inch rubber hand roller may be used (working from center to edge). Roll in 2 directions at 90 angles to each other. Apply as much pressure as possible, being careful not to crush core materials.


Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of flammable products by air. They CANNOT be shipped by Next Day, 2nd Day, 3 Day or US MAIL services. This item can ONLY shipped by UPS Ground.


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